This past weekend Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped a joint album and a music video. Let’s just say we were not ready!

The album, titled “Everything is Love” features nine tracks, one of the blackest album covers in recent history, and after being exclusive on tidal- is now on Spotify, Apple and Amazon music.

Lots of reviews are saying Beyoncé is the main attraction for the album and Jay-Z is more a feature.
Are yall going ape s**t over it– or nah?

In politics, thousands of children are being separated from their families, and kept in cages at immigration processing centers along the U.S border.

This is a result of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policies which subjects anyone who crosses the border to criminal prosecution, even if they are crossing with minors.

The Trump administration has been mostly unapologetic for their hardline stance on immigration and somehow President Trump has pointed fingers at Dems for the border controversy.

An annual report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition says that a person receiving the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour would have to work 2 and a half full time jobs to afford the average rent in this country.

That figure does not include costs of living, like food and other necessities.

The findings also show that despite an increase in demand for rentals, construction trends favor high market housing, giving those who can afford luxury condos way more options
than the average U.S citizen.