THROWBACK THURSDAY: Irv Gotti announces Murder Inc. tour

Irv Gotti

If you’re looking for a musical blast from the past you may be in luck! Irv Gotti just announced plans to launch a Murder Inc. tour that would revive some of the greatest hits from back in the day.

He took to social media to share the big news and posed for a picture with the labels former frontman, Ja Rule.

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“Ahh Man. 2019. Do Me and @ruleyorkcity have something for all our loyal Murder Inc Fans. Do y’all realize we never did a MURDER INC TOUR. Like everyone performed in Arenas all day. With Radio Shows. But never did Murder Inc Tour on there own. I got something for my young audience too. Never forget y’all. Me and Rule leaving my guy Omar. And also shout out to my man Michael Rapino. Both at @livenation JUNE 1, 2019. All My Murderers!! Save the Date…,” he posted.

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While Irv Gotti hasn’t confirmed who would be performing on the upcoming tour, we’re guessing it would have to include the label’s biggest hitmakers like Ashanti. It’s been a while since Ja Rule and Ashanti have served up new music together, but who could deny themselves the chance to dance to addictive hits like “Always On Time” and “Put It On Me” one more time?

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Even though she hasn’t commented on the tour news, we know Ashanti is ready to hit the stage because she hasn’t aged a day and continue to slay her solo performances.

We’re not sure the young ones would pay to see this show but as long as the tickets aren’t too steep, we’re totally here for this hip hop reunion. Wonder if Charli Baltimore is available?