Pregnant mom gets sweet surprise from her father during gender reveal of ninth baby

Jennifer Jones-Prothro

These days, revealing the gender of a baby has become a big deal and big business with many people holding elaborate parties in celebration of finding out if they are having a precious little girl or a bouncing baby boy.

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Jennifer Jones-Prothro, 38, wanted to know the gender of her ninth baby, due in December, but it had to be a little more meaningful since she found out about her other pregnancies before each child was born.

This time, her husband James, 43, had a unique idea in mind that would make all the difference and make for an emotional gender reveal that Prothro would never expect.

And now the Vacaville, California couple has gone viral thanks to his special surprise!

Prothro dad passed away from cancer last year, but he left a series of voicemail messages over time that have been saved. James took those messages and spliced them up so that his wife could hear her own dad delivering the news of the sex of her baby, the Daily Mail reports

“Jenny, this is the most special, creative way that I could think of to tell you the sex of our child,” says the husband’s voice. “But I couldn’t do it without a little help.”

Then her father Charles’ voice can be heard:

“Hello Jenny, this is your father!” the recording says. Prothro at this moment is in disbelief and puts her hand over her mouth.

“I want to let you know that it is a girl,” the voice continues. “It is a girl,” the recording then repeats. “I love ya, bye bye!”

It was a tear-jerker as Prothro comes to tears while sitting on a couch with her legs crossed. Her husband then chimes in: “I love you, baby.”

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“My dad always wanted to be surprised by it,” Jenny explained to CNN. “There are not many surprises left in the world these days.”

“He was her everything,” James said to the news about his wife’s late dad.

“My wife told me that if I revealed the sex of our baby it had to be creative. I could think of no better way than to hear it from her Dad! Rip Mr J and thanks for your help!!!!”

Prothro wrote on Facebook: “I am truly blessed beyond measure with the best and most creative hubby ever!! For those of you who don’t know, my dad passed away a year ago and hubby used the voicemails my dad left me to create this treasure.”

Get your tissues out and take a look!