Andrew Gillum is one step closer to making history! The mayor of Tallahassee beat out four other candidates and is on his way to possibly becoming the first Black governor of the state. In the general election–he’ll go against republican nominee Ron DeSantis— who has full support from our President Donald Trump.

Trump wasted no time attacking Gillum on Twitter, blaming him for not stopping crime in the capital city but Gillum was quick to clap back, telling his followers to focus on the win and telling trump to “at him next time.”

And justice has been served for 15-year-old Jordan Edwardsa Black honor roll student who was fatally shot by ex police officer, Roy Oliver, in April 2017. Oliver has been found guilty of murder and he could face life in prison. The family of Jordan Edwards was emotional and relieved at the verdict.

And Cardi B’s old comedy skit of the late, Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Jr, didn’t sit well with their daughter, Bernice king. After the video resurfaced, Cardi was quick to make amends and Bernice King tweeted and thanked Cardi for apologizing.

Do you think all entertainers’ past missteps should come back to haunt them or is there room for people to grow?