Republican Party

He’s already become a hero to many Republicans, who have trumpeted Daniel Penny as a Good Samaritan moving to protect others.
/ May 20, 2023
The faith leaders’ key issues include education, especially about gender and sexuality, and immigration.
/ March 13, 2023
Kristina Karamo, who lost a bid to become Michigan’s secretary of state, was elected chair of the state’s Republican Party for two years.
/ February 19, 2023
Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador, announced her candidacy for president on Tuesday.
/ February 14, 2023
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office has sent out a memo encouraging state agency and public universities to stop employing DEI initiatives.
/ February 9, 2023
The fact is the Republican Party is now an openly white nationalist party with very few reasonable voices left.
/ December 2, 2022
Republicans in several states have waged a legal war against President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief program.  
/ November 17, 2022
Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he will mount a third White House campaign, launching an early start to the 2024 contest.
/ November 15, 2022
The Republican Party has become a cult. Members reject democracy, embrace thuggery and purge anyone who stands up to the cult leader.
/ August 3, 2022
After returning from comforting families in the Uvalde mass shooting, Biden says the GOP may be more willing to enact gun control laws.
/ May 30, 2022
Among the misconceptions about white identity politics is the tendency to believe that truth, reason or human decency can bring about change.
/ May 25, 2022
Walker’s Senate candidate documents filed five months later changed his original income figure to over four times the amount.
/ May 20, 2022
The Republican Party and conservative media pushing racist rhetoric are a clear and present danger to the United States of America.
/ May 16, 2022
The GOP, led by Donald Trump, is hungry for power and will do whatever it takes to achieve it – and at the expense of Black Americans.
/ May 9, 2022
Despite what you may have gleaned from social media posts or cable news quarrels, you don’t actually have to pick a side on every issue.
/ April 27, 2022
U.S. Senator Tim Scott spoke at a seminar on the risk of teaching kids that they are oppressors. TheGrio’s satirical quiz predicts a child’s proclivity for becoming a Republican-certified oppressor.
/ April 21, 2022
GOP Senator Tom Cotton, in a word, is sinister. His latest attack on Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is reprehensible.
/ April 6, 2022