NBC poll shows majority of Americans believe NFL police brutality protest isn’t appropriate

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

A new poll shows that Republicans and Democrats seem to be divided when it comes to the rights NFL players should have in regards to police brutality protests during the national anthem, NBC’s Meet The Press revealed.

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Host Chuck Todd, said overall 43% of voters think kneeling as the national anthem plays is an appropriate way to protest racial inequality, while the majority, 54%, say it is not appropriate.

However, politics is where the line is drawn in the same and shows a deeper division. Todd claimed 72% of Democrats say kneeling is fitting, versus 23% who say it’s no. For Republicans, the numbers are reversed, with 10% appropriate, 88% not.

When it comes to race, more Blacks than whites side with kneeling protests.

Some 70 to 28, with African- Americans agree the kneeling protests are appropriate to fight for racial inequality.

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Last thursday a court ruled in Colin Kaepernick’s favor in his fight against the NFL to prove he was blackballed. As SB Nation’s Ryan Nanni described in his analysis of the ruling: “Under Article 17, Section 7 of the current collective bargaining agreement, the appointed arbitrator in an anti-collusion matter may “determine whether or not the complainant’s evidence is sufficient to raise a genuine issue of material fact” and dismiss the case if the evidence is insufficient.”

The first game of the regular season is scheduled on Thursday when the Atlanta Falcons take on the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles team in Philadelphia.