VIDEO: Fed up mom dressed up as clown to embarrass son at school

Mom dresses up as clown to embarrass son who was acting up in class. (Sean Larry/Instagram)


One New Jersey momma was so sick and tired of her son clowning around in school that she took a page from his playbook and came to his school dressed as a clown to embarrass him.

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The video of the mom dressed up like ‘Homey the Clown’ shows that she does not play that and pulled his coattail right in his class and confronted her kid in front of his friends, the Daily Mail reports.

That’ll teach him!

The mom, dressed up in a Rainbow Bright ensemble showed up at the KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy, in Newark and took her son to task for his bad behavior.

“Oh so you wanna act like a clown today?” she said standing next to him with her hands on her hip like a Black momma who was tired of his foolery.

“Well I’ve decided to show up as the clown.”

The boy looked dumbfounded as his classmates laughed and looked on.

“You need me to sit here like this every day?” she asked as he shook his head to answer no.

“You sure? I don’t believe you.”

“Yes, I’m sure,” he responded. 

Sean Larry, principal of the New Jersey charter school, praised the mom for being proactive.

“BY FAR the BEST thing in my decade of educating!! She came up to the school not playing today! My favorite type of parent…he will certainly never forget this! Love Him!” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Larry followed up saying that the student is not more focused than he’s ever been after his mom’s classroom visit.

We need more mommas like her.

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In fact, maybe we would have students fighting teachers like the music teacher who was arrested after being caught on video beating up a student who hurled racist slurs at him.

The Southern California teacher, Marston Riley, 64, was a teacher at Maywood Academy High School in Los Angeles he is under fire after coming to blows with a belligerent 14-year-old student he asked to leave class because he was not wearing a band uniform.

The boy refused to leave the classroom and reportedly threw a basketball at Riley before the fight ensued.

A visit from his momma might have helped that situation too.