This week in #Beckery: ‘Target Teresa’ caught on video harassing Black customers

You'd think people's private conversations could stay that way, but noooo! Not when a nosy white woman thinks she has license over them

Target Store


This time it’s Target (pronounced Tar-zhay). And once again, someone couldn’t just mind their business when it comes to black people.

Three African American women in Tennessee say they were shopping at the retailer last week when they were aggressively approached by an unidentified white woman who told them they “don’t belong here.”

According to Yahoo, the trio was reportedly having a private discussion about the 1992 Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang when the woman, who’s been nicknamed “Target Teresa,” accosted them in the aisle.

“My cousin and I were visiting my best friend from out of state and we stopped by Target to buy a phone charger,” one of the women, who has asked to remain anonymous, told Yahoo. “I told my friend to try on a hat that looked like something Eartha Kitt’s character would wear in the film, and she said no because her character had sex with a younger man.”

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When the interloping woman overheard the word “sex” that’s apparently all she needed as an excuse to corner the other women and confront them about the conversation.

“You were talking about sex in public,” she can be heard shouting in video footage from a since-deleted Facebook post. “Are you having sex in public? Because that’s what you screamed out loud.”

The three women tried to explain that they were just talking about a movie, but by that point the stranger had already worked herself into a fit and was determined to both play victim and reveal what she apparently thought of Black people in general.

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“I understand you’re abusive and you make up lies on the spot,” she says to the confused group of friends. “I know you’re trained liars… You’re perfect for the court system because you’re trained liars.”

Target employees eventually had to step in to diffuse the situation, and calmly listened to both sides tell their accounts of the incident, but its been reported that the white woman was still visibly upset and complaining to store employees even after the women left the store.

Check out additional footage from the altercation below.

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