SHOCKING: Baby’s bruised face goes viral after alleged abuse at unlicensed daycare by another toddler

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A photo of an 18-month-old boy’s bruised face with bright, red welts has gone viral causing state officials in Mississippi to shut down a daycare after it was alleged that a 4-year-old child assaulted him, the Sun-Herald reports.

Dakota Hudson was allegedly beaten by the other child while left unattended at the daycare Pooh and Crew in Pascagoula, according to reports. The extent of his injuries includes scratches on his face, head, chest, and eyes. The child was taken to a hospital by his mother Latoye Hudson after discovered the bruises.

“Pooh and Crew is not licensed nor has it applied for a license at this time,” Liz Sharlot, spokeswoman for the Mississippi State Department of Health said.

“Since this facility was out of compliance with the law — and we only investigate licensed facilities — the complaint (regarding the child) has been turned over to the Department of Human Services,” she said.

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The daycare has been shut down and a cease-and-desist order was given to the out-of-compliance operator, Sharlot said, along with information on child care laws and a packet on “How to Get a Childcare License.”

But it comes a little too late for the toddler, who was reportedly left unattended by the operator when she stepped out of the room “for only a second,” the child’s father, Trent Hudson said he was told by the daycare operator.

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The toddler now has to be administered eye cream twice daily because of his extensive injuries, Hudson said.

The family put up a Facebook post about the incident which has since gone viral.

However, when the incident was reported on Dec. 10, Hudson’s family found that the very next day, someone was trying to scam for money and set up a fake GoFundMe account. They said they had no knowledge and didn’t authorize anyone to set one up.

“I swear, the nerve of people,” Trent Hudson said.