Bozoma Saint John set to star in her own “Badass” documentary

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Bozoma Saint John, whose marketing resume includes work for PepsiCo, Apple, Uber, and Endeavor, is now set to star in her own documentary series on Starz.

Saint John, the current CMO of Endeavor, will host and produce the upcoming documentary series Bozoma: Being Badass

Saint John told Fast Company that the show would be a cross between Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Mister Rogers, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and that it will bring a sense of “purposefulness” to a range of topics.

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She says that the series’ underlying message is “to show up wholly as ourselves.”

“Especially for anyone who feels ‘other-ed’ and that you don’t have the allowance to be fully yourself,” she said. “Being black, being the child of immigrants [her parents are immigrants from Ghana], being a widow, a mother. All of those things that make up who I am. That’s what’s so beautiful about the human experience. None of us are one-dimensional.”

Other topics on the show will include flying cars, professional bull-riding – Endeavor owns the Professional Bull Riders league –  as well as one of her big passions: fashion.

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“I love fashion, I can’t lie about that,” Saint John says. “Interestingly enough, it has been a really big conversation as part of my corporate journey, too.

“The fact that I’m able to show up in sequins on Tuesday–people have a lot of questions about that,” she added. “I want to explore the non-boundaries of what it means to look like a corporate executive in a way that is not traditional. How do other people do it? In other spaces, other industries? How do you express the fullness of yourself unapologetically through fashion?”

Chris Albrecht, president and CEO of Starz, says, “There is so much more to Bozoma than what you have read in the headlines. Boz is an incredibly dynamic woman with an undeniable spirit that she infuses into every aspect of her life. She brings a wholly new perspective to television.