Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill may have broken up a couple of years ago, but that hasn’t stopped her from bringing up Meek’s names in her raps.

Over the weekend, Nicki dropped a very direct line about the Philly rapper during a performance of her hit song “Barbie Dreams,” according to Page Six.

“Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him,” she said, before taking a dramatic pause and adding: “I could tell you secrets but I won’t/Cause being a bitter b–ch is what I don’t.”

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Meek apparently got wind of this and responded on Twitter.

“Why you be sooo mad at me and not the people that came right at ya neck! I’m cool I’m doing good lol something is wrong here,” he tweeted, apparently referencing Nicki’s issues with Cardi B amongst others.

 “Leave me alone you know I get a lil too out of control with the truth!”

This is not the first time Meek has addressed the barb from Nicki. In November, he told Vulture in November, that the line is not true

“I ain’t get no heads-up [about the song], but I definitely wasn’t in nobody’s DMs,” he said. “And definitely wasn’t nobody ducking me. That’s a fact.

“I actually was laughing at it, too. ‘Cause there’s no limits,” he added. “I felt it and I liked it. That’s a dope rap.”

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When the duo was a couple, Nicki was involved in numerous beefs with a variety of rappers and Meek felt that he would’ve been fair game if they dropped his name.

“Anybody that ever dissed me when I was dealing with Nicki Minaj, they always made it about her and not really about me,” he says. “‘Cause it wasn’t too much really crazy shit you could say about me. I’m a street rapper. We know I came from being broke, from the bottom.”