Hero mom battles school for ordering son’s locks be cut ‘I won’t conform to racist policies’

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A mom in Texas is fighting against her six-year-old son’s school after learning that he was ordered by administrators to cut his locks off.

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Tiffany Brown blasted Spring Valley Elementary School in Hewitt, Texas for what she called a “racist” policy that required her son Jonathan’s locks to be cut because it didn’t conform with the school’s dress code policies, according to Yahoo.

Brown says the policy is “racist and gendered.”

Before the holiday break, the elementary school sent home a flyer to students, outlining the dress code policy and how they should look when the return to school on Jan. 8.

“I signed up for a great education, for my children,” she tweeted. “I won’t conform to racist policies.”

The letter states: “hair must not be lower than the bottom of the ears or collar in the back.”

In the corner of Jonathan’s note, someone wrote “please cut by Jan. 8th.”

Brown refused to cut her son’s hair, citing cultural significance.

“Children of color have been targeted for many years, because of what others see as the norms in our society,” she told Yahoo News.

“Because of these norms that are blinding people in our society, some people have stated that dreadlocks are a fashion statement and my child should conform and express himself when he’s older. Dreadlocks are part of my African culture, not a fashion statement.

“Dreadlocks have been a symbol of beauty and strength for many years,” Brown continued.

“During slavery, everything was stripped from my people. Now, this is happening. So, basically it’s a form of control and bondage. Biblically speaking, when Samson was stripped from his hair he was weakened. Our hair is our glory! Only recently, people of color/African descent have come to accept and love their natural hair. To hear someone say it’s not enough or that my hair should blend with others, that’s not right.

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“My son’s hair is a part of him. Hair grows from the scalp; this is a part of his body. How can parents teach kids to love themselves and then a school is telling them differently? The school is saying you’re not enough! My son is not enough for them. Now, they’re asking him to alter his body, because they don’t like it.”

Now she says Jonathan doesn’t want to wear his locks anymore after school administrators discouraged him and said “everything I do makes people upset.”

“My son Jonathan went from loving his hair yesterday to opting to cut his hair today, after this meeting,” she said.

“My plans are to go as far as needed to ensure the rights and liberties of every child are respected and protected,” she added. “Not only for children of color, but for every child.”

In response, the school released a statement to Yahoo:

“Midway ISD is committed to serving our students’ unique academic, social, emotional and physical needs, including continual reviews of policies and procedures that affect such needs. We appreciate parents and community members interested in partnering with us to make Midway an inclusive place where all students are welcomed and valued, regardless of race, color, religion, gender or ability. As a district, we are dedicated and open to questions, concerns and input.”