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‘Kap did not approve this BS!’: Kaepernick’s crew blasts Travis Scott and Big Boi’s Super Bowl choice

Supporters of the former NFL quarterback are heated about the two stars decision to perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII

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This week, reports were circulating that rapper Travis Scott spoke to Colin Kaepernick prior to agreeing to perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII and reached a mutual understanding – but now the former NFL quarterback’s camp is coming forward to say that story is completely false.

On Monday, Variety published an article it claimed was “exclusive” saying that before Travis Scott agreed to perform with Maroon 5, he first reached out to Kaepernick to discuss the social implications of his decision and vowed to donate $500,000 to the non-profit social-justice organization Dream Corps.

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According to reports, “A source close to Scott said that while the two did not necessarily agree, they emerged from the conversation with mutual respect and understanding, with the rapper taking the stance that everyone makes a statement in their own way and he felt that the money going toward Dream Corps, combined with the platform provided by the Super Bowl, will do some good. The source also said that Scott would not confirm his performance until the donation was locked in.

The article clearly implied that Scott got a stamp of approval from Kaepernick, but now his crew has come forward to publicly denounce the story as pure fabrication meant to serve as damage control for the rapper’s image. And Kap has made it a point to like and retweet their denouncements.

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Close friend and New Yorks’ HOT 97 radio host Ebro Darden was one of the first out the gate with his displeasure.

After Kaepernick retweeted Ebro’s statement, his girlfriend, DJ/MTV host Nessa Nitty also weighed in saying, “FACTS @EBRO!!! THEY NEED TO STOP LYING.”

When it was announced Big Boi from Outkast would also be performing at the Super Bowl, Nessa not so subtly posted the urban dictionary definition of the word, “Sell out” along with the caption, “If you are with them, then you are definitely not with us.”

Neither Travis Scott or Variety has yet to address who planted the story.

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