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City, beach or a safari escape? To turn up or turn down, that is the question. When it comes to travel, the options can be overwhelming. In this age of easy demand and accessibility, everything can be catered to our liking, from accommodation design to food preferences. If you’ve been looking to lock down a vacation but find yourself stuck, this quiz is for you. With a few easy questions, you’ll get one step closer to making your getaway a reality, including your most optimal experiences in tact. Ready to go?

QUESTION ONE: Which factor is most important when you travel?

  1. Complete relaxation
  2. The best food in the world
  3. A great nightlife
  4. Luxury accommodations

If you answered A: Consider the Maldives, where the only thing that will distract you is the dreamlike ocean surrounding you. The new Conrad Maldives has underwater residences if you’re really looking for a wow factor.

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If you answered B: Consider New Orleans, where a fusion of the best international food — from po’ boys to seafood and Italian — thrives. Feeling romantic, too? Paris, of course, is always a good idea.

If you answered C: Las Vegas is well-known for its endless nightlife options. For an international turnup, consider Ibiza in Spain, where the party life is known to pop off at all hours of the day.

If you answered D: For impeccable service and five star accomodations, Abu Dhabi has no shortage of luxury options. If you’re not limited by budget, check into the palatial Emirates Palace.

QUESTION TWO: What is your preferred method of travel?

  1. Road trip all the way!
  2. Taking the train
  3. Flying high
  4. Cruise

If you answered A: If you’re looking to get lost on the road, consider California’s Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a scenic, ocean view route that has incredible city stop options along the way, including Big Sur, Monterey, and Santa Barbara.

If you answered B: South Africa’s Blue Train between Cape Town and Pretoria covers almost a thousand miles of countryside and wildlife.

If you answered C: JetBlue is one of the surest bets to travel within the United States (hello free Wi-Fi) or to the most Caribbean destinations.

If you answered D: Celebrity cruises is one of the most affordable options for family and quick getaways.

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QUESTION: What is one bucket item list below for you?

  1. A visit to an art gallery
  2. A flawless beach, with cocktail in hand
  3. A six course meal from the city’s top chef
  4. An adrenaline filled adventure, such as skydiving or white water rafting

If you answered A: New York City has an incredible number of diverse museums like El Museo del Barrio and Studio Museum of Harlem.

If you answered B: It’s hard to imagine a beach more beautiful than Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay. Best of all, the island is only a two hour flight from many east coast cities.

If you answered C: Mexico City’s Pujol is a tour de force in culinary experience. Book a reservation at least a month in advance.

If you answered D: Oregon and Colorado are great states to explore a number of outdoor activities.

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QUESTION: When it comes to time, your ideal vacation would allow for:

  1. A short weekend
  2. A quick, overnight stay
  3. A month-long trek
  4. A weeklong getaway

If you answered A: Miami is always an easily accessible city with good weather and diversity

If you answered B: Look at Hotel Tonight for a last minute booking into one of your city’s best hotels.

If you answered C: Traveling through Europe, especially on the train, is an easy and affordable way to see numerous cities on the continent.

If you answered D: Oaxaca, Mexico provides a great mix of countryside, city and beach, making it a perfect weeklong destination.