Banking while Black: Teller questions man’s identity when he tries to make withdrawal

A simple, everyday transaction between a bank teller and a customer got complicated when the teller apparently didn't believe the man had a bank account

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An African American customer at a Bethesda, Md., bank branch said that a teller there questioned his identity and denied his withdrawal, telling the man his “story doesn’t add up.”

Matin Dunlap, told NBC Washington that he filmed the conversation between himself and the teller. He asked the employee if he was being discriminated against when they informed him that they were having trouble verifying his information. Dunlap said he had to show the teller his driver’s license to show proof of his birthdate and address.

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He asked the teller, “So, you ask me where I’m coming from, you ask me what I’m doing here. We’re in an affluent neighborhood and you’re asking me how does somebody from Baltimore come to here?”

Dunlap’s attorney, Wyndal Gordon, said that his client lives in Baltimore County but he is employed near the bank.

The teller ended up apologizing and TD Bank released a statement detailing that Dunlap gave the teller “inconsistent information.”

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“Unfortunately, a TD store employee was unable to verify Mr. Dunlap’s identity because there were inconsistencies in the verification information that the customer provided. We regret that he did not have a positive experience, which is what we strive to provide,” Matthew J. Doherty, an assistant vice president at the bank, said in the statement. “We have made several attempts to speak with Mr. Dunlap to understand and address his concerns. We take this matter seriously and are continuing to review it.”

His attorney plans to reach out to the bank, according to NBC Washington.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo customers on Friday said they were having issues with the bank’s online banking and mobile app a day after the bank dealt with a power outage, according to USA Today.

Customers said that their direct deposits and paychecks were not posted to their account.

Wells Fargo released a statement on Thursday saying that ATM services had been restored and were available to use, but mobile and online banking were “operational” with the exception of some features. The bank was still in the process of restoring consumer credit card and mortgage balances.

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