Black New Jersey high school basketball player taunted with racist attacks

In addition to being called the "n-word" and "monkey," the crowd made animal noises as teen played in school game

Photo by Jeremy Ng/Getty Images

A New Jersey mother said that her son was harassed with racial slurs during a high school basketball game at Wallkill Valley High on Feb. 13.

According to, Stefanie Dickerson, said her son Nasir Dickerson, a Lenape Valley senior, was targeted because of he is Black and antagonized with racial slurs during the basketball game.

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Dickerson alleges that her 18 year-old son was called a “monkey” and the N-word by attendees. There also “monkey noise” made in reference to the teen. The mother noted that though officials and referees were in attendance, they failed to intervene.

“It’s horrible,” Dickerson said. “He’s a great kid, a good student. He felt like he was singled out because he’s the only Black boy on the team. He doesn’t understand why this is happening to him.”

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Dickerson took to social media after the game to talk about the incident on Facebook. She posted a message and a 28-second clip online where a fan can be allegedly heard yelling a racial remark to Nasir while he was shooting free throws.

The mother commended her son for “pushing through such a hostile environment.”

Many are infuriated, and are calling for fans and staff at Wallkill Valley to be penalized. One person on Facebook even commented, saying that his daughter was “upset and disturbed” by the remarks made at Nasir.

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Nasir’s father stood up for his son while Nasir exited the court. Fans were harassing Nasir with gestures and jeers causing his father to be thrown out of the gym by Wallkill Valley district superintendent, David Carr.

“My husband felt threatened, disrespected, bullied, singled out because of his color and embarrassed,” Dickerson wrote in her post. “Meanwhile, the racial slurs continued.”

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Dickerson said students even harassed her while she waited for Nasir at the end of the game by shouting at her saying, “You don’t belong here.”

Wallkill Valley senior, Greg Michas admitted that attendees teased Nasir, but believed that no one made “any racist or inappropriate comments.”

School officials also responded to the incident.

Carrhas yet to speak out about the incident and Lenape Valley athletic director, Bob Poggi weighed in stating that the school district is “actively investigating” without adding further comment.