When Viola Davis talks, you can’t help but listen. Known for her inspirational and affirming words during her speeches, and for her even more powerful performances on in film, on TV and on the stage, she has now found a new medium to lend her dramatic voice. Davis has been tapped to narrate a Delta airlines commercial focused on diversity.

According to The Drum, the campaign delivers the message of how flying and traveling can unify diverse people in the world.

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The video, titled “Close The Gap” focuses on the experiences of young children and their perspective navigating through life across the world.

In the video, you can hear the Academy Award-winning actress say, “we’re more alike than we are different,” signifying the similarities that we all share together.

The 60-second film, highlights the impact traveling to other parts of the world can make and how it can also alter our views of each other just by taking flight.

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Davis notes that when we are all born quite similar, but our differences grow throughout time as we get older.

Somewhere along the way, we start to believe that the more distant we are from each other, the more different we must be from each other…it’s only when we venture out into the world that we realize all the things that we share,” she said during the video.

The film shows shots of children on land, in their homes, and on airplanes, along with illuminating views from the airplanes in the air as well.

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In the end, Davis closes out her message saying all of us were, “never that far apart in the first place.”

The Delta campaign in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy New York will air and run online and on social platforms this year. It will also begin running as part of the airline’s “in-flight entertainment” in the spring.