Wendy Williams needs rehab from husband, Charlamagne says

"Whatever you want to call it, that is deflecting from the actual issue, which is the alleged abuse and infidelity from her husband," he said.

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Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God says Wendy Williams actually needs rehab from her husband, Kevin Hunter.

He made the comment Wednesday, just a day after the talk show host revealed on her Wendy Williams Show Tuesday that she has been living at a sober house, noting her past struggles with addiction. 

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“This is yet another lie, another half-truth,” Charlamagne said during the show’s “Rumor Report” segment. “Whatever you want to call it, that is deflecting from the actual issue, which is the alleged abuse and infidelity from her husband.”

It’s no secret there is bad blood between Charlamagne, Williams and Hunter. In November 2008, he was fired from Williams’ former radio show The Wendy Williams Experience, where he served as her sidekick. While the official explanation was downsizing, Charlamagne wrote in his 2017 book Black Privilege that the firing was due to a bad business deal between him and Hunter, according to People magazine.

In spite of those differences, Charlamagne said there is a difference from being “real and exposed.”

Charlamagne advised Williams to “get ahead” of the abuse allegations before the truth is revealed.

“So here’s my advice to Wendy Williams,” he said. “She needs to go to rehab for husband Kevin Hunter because whenever there’s a story about him cheating or physically abusing her, she says nothing is wrong, everything is fine. She deflects to something else and since she getting ahead of things, she needs to get ahead of this alleged abuse by her husband because that truth will be revealed.”

His co-host, DJ Envy agreed, saying Williams is always on TV sharing her thoughts on other people’s lives and doesn’t even do the same for her own life.

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“I really think that’s whack because you can talk ish about everybody and then when ish comes to your house or your front door, you forget about it or you just sweep it under the rug.

“We all go through problems,” Envy continued. “We all go through situations and here at The Breakfast Club, no matter what we go through, we discuss it because we talk about everybody’s life,” he added.

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