Oprah Winfrey addresses the ‘hateration’ she received after interviewing Michael Jackson’s accusers

Oprah Winfrey tells Trevor Noah that she received backlash for speaking to Michael Jackson’s accusers.

Oprah Winfrey discussed the backlash she faced after interviewing Michael Jackson molestation on the Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.


Oprah Winfrey opened up about feeling the heat for giving Michael Jackson’s molestation accusers a seat at the table.

Winfrey sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show Wednesday to dish about the backlash she received for interviewing the two men featured in the Leaving Neverland HBO documentary and her new mental health project with Prince Harry for a series on Apple TV+, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apple TV to premiere series produced by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry

After HBO aired the controversial documentary, Winfrey had her own face-to-face sit-down with the Jackson accusers for Winfrey Presents: After Neverland. But many took issue with the media mogul’s decision to give Jackson’s accusers a voice and a platform given their questionable credibility.

“I haven’t had that much hateration since I did the puppy episode with Ellen [DeGeneres, the episode in which DeGeneres came out as gay].”

“But when I saw that documentary, I realized that a lot of people are going to be triggered by watching it, and a lot of people will not understand what the pattern is,” she said, adding that she’d done “217 shows trying to get people to understand that it’s not about one person, that it is about the pattern.”

“People call it molestation, but there is a big seducing that goes on … and that was important enough for me to take the hateration for,” she explained.

Winfrey also followed up about the mental health partnership she’s undertaking with Prince Harry in an effort to “normalize” mental illness “to the point that it’s no longer a taboo.”

She said “Me and Harry are going to normalize [mental illness] to the point where people are going to be like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a mental illness!’ And that’s what you want — to call it out to the point that it’s no longer a taboo, that people recognize themselves immediately.”

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Of course, Winfrey being the boss that she is, secured the bag with a multiyear deal with Apple for scripted and unscripted originals, podcasts, books, apps and more, the outlet reports.

Winfrey also has a new book out, The Path Made Clear, about her hard-fought path to success.

She also lightened the mood by talking about everyday normal things that most of think she doesn’t have to deal with during a “Between the Scenes” segment after the show.

Just know Winfrey runs out of toilet paper too, she travels with her own bread and avocados and just because she famous doesn’t mean she sends her underwear out to be cleaned. That would be a no.

And Winfrey, who’s known for spreading serious Black Girl Magic, is considering opening up an Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in America but it’s all about location and she’s scouting out options.