LL Cool J wins “Rock the Bells” lawsuit

Rapper, actor and TV host LL Cool J is celebrating a major victory, after winning his Rock the Bells lawsuit against Guerilla Union, Inc.

Hip Hop legend, actor and author LL Cool J is celebrating a major victory, after winning his “Rock the Bells” lawsuit against Guerilla Union, Inc.

In November 2018, LL sued the concert promotor for using the name “Rock the Bells,” as the title for their annual music festival between the years 2004-2013, according to Billboard. The 51-year-old NCIS co-star argued in his original lawsuit that he had been using the name ‘Rock the Bells,’ long before the music festival, and that he and Guerilla Union had no business ties. LL released his classic hit “Rock the Bells,” in 1985 on Def Jam Recordings as the third single on his debut album “Radio.”  LL also produces a radio show entitled Rock the Bells Radio on Sirius XM satellite station which launched in November 2017.

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LL demanded an injunction against Guerilla Union to cease and desist from further profiting off the name.

Recent legal documents obtained by The Blast revealed that the judge sided in the rapper’s favor, granting LL a default judgment against the company.

As it stands, the promotion company must immediately transfer all control of social media accounts, website domains, and other intellectual property rights to LL. The injunction also prohibits them from using “Rock The Bells” ever again.

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The battle of the name all began when Guerilla Union attempted to trademark the title Rock the Bells in 2004, but to no avail. LL petitioned the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel all of Guerilla Union’s trademarks in 2017, which they granted in the rapper’s favor. However, despite the board’s decision, the promotion company still continued an attempt at trademarking the term for various business ventures, despite their festival going defunct in 2013, due to poor ticket sales.

At the moment, it is has not been disclosed whether LL Cool J received, or will receive, a financial settlement from the suit.