An irate customer at a Texas AT&T store was arrested after a hostile exchange with an employee who he called “a f***ing Arab” and admitted to “killing his kind”.

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One customer who watched the shocking confrontation taped it on their cell phone, and Twitter sleuths identified the angry man hurling hate as Joey Christian of Friendswood, a town near Houston, Yahoo reports.

Christian can be seen spewing hateful words at an employee called Mo saying:

“What’s your name? Mo? What the f*** kind of name is that?” Christian asks the employee.

The employee responds by saying his name is “Mohammed.”

Christian then goes on a vitriolic rant against Mo saying: “God d*** f***ing Arabs”.

As a woman filming tries to calm Christian down, he takes his anger out on her saying: “You know, I really don’t care what some b**** has to say.”

Christian then says that he has “killed [Mo’s] kind” for six months. Then he then says he’s killed “on five different continents.”

“I really don’t give a d*** about some little peon Arab who actually doesn’t even belong here,” Christian said. “People like this are the reason our country is going to what is going to. ‘Cause I been killing his kind for longer than you’ve probably been alive.”

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Before Christian could leave the store, police arrived and arrested him.

He was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct as well as abusive language, according to Insider.

“I was definitely offended and angry that I got singled out because of my race,” Mo told Yahoo. “He definitely came in to pick a fight from the very beginning and I had never seen this man before.”

Mo said he was glad the woman caught the nasty hateful tirade on tape because Christian “may have done worse” without being filmed.