WTH? Ohio pastor accuses mom of living in sin, bans daughters from Christian school

Summer Grant says her fourth and second grade daughters Summara and Summaia, went to Chapel Hill Christian School in Akron, Ohio, for years.

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An administrator at an Ohio private school expelled two sisters because, well, their mother is unmarried, seriously.

Summer Grant says her fourth and second grade daughters Summara-Rayn, 10, and Summaia, 7, went to Chapel Hill Christian School for years before an administrator banned them because he believes the Akron mother is living in sin, WKYC reports.

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Pastor John Wilson informed the woman during a recorded conversation that she violated the school’s covenant by having kids with multiple fathers. He also condemned her for living with her significant other as an unwed woman.

“There’s 10 commandments and committing adultery is not part of that,” Pastor Wilson said, the report said. “It’s not that they should not go to the school it’s that they can’t go to the school.”

Grant says the last day of school for her daughters was Friday, according to the report. She was involved earlier this year in a confrontation with a bus driver over the treatment of her oldest daughter that escalated with police arriving on the scene, which may have led to the ouster of her daughter, she speculated to The Akron Beacon Journal.

Wilson has reportedly been critical of Grant in the past, once giving her 8 recommendations to improve her life. Last summer, he took issue with her being unmarried, CBS News reports, asking her about her daughters, their fathers, and “how we can get your household to live biblically moral.”

But Grant was not the only unmarried parent with kids on the campus, which leaves her wondering why she is being singled out, WKYC notes.

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School officials say parents sign a written agreement “to conduct themselves in accordance” with the word of Christ and Grant acted in a manner “inconsistent” with the agreement.

The pastor says the dismissal of the siblings “was necessary in order to protect the safety of our school children and their families.”