White woman who sprayed water on teen #ListeningtoMusicWhileBlack may face criminal charges

The family of the 13-year-old hopes the woman is charged.

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A  white woman in Sunnyvale, California may face charges for throwing water on a Black teen who walked by her home blaring music from his cell phone, KTVU reports.

Danielle Harris is outraged her son Elijah Walker was harassed as he walked home from school and filed a police report after the 13-year-old boy reported he was doused with water for listening to his music.

Walker recorded the incident on his cell phone video and said as he walked home, he  was playing his music, which was amplified by his Bluetooth speaker. He said as he passed one home, a white woman motioned for him to turn down his tunes. When he did, he said she still sprayed him  with water from her front porch.

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“First I was in shock. I didn’t know why at first. I just brought out my phone and started filming it,” said Elijah.

Elijah said even though he said nothing, she still sprayed him again. He also said a day before when he walked by, the woman eyed him and took video of him with her cell phone as he walked by minding his business.

After the water attack, Elijah said he knew it was best to call the cops and his mom.

“The reason why I was so cool in that video, I was so not overheated. I know that
if I did anything, I would be perceived as the threat instead of perceived as the victim,” said Elijah.

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“In the six or seven months that I’ve walked that route, no one else has complained,” said Elijah.

After reviewing the case, police recommended to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office the woman be charged with misdemeanor battery.

“There’s no indication that race was a factor. What we’re being told is that it was over loud music,” said Sunnyvale Police Captain Jim Choi.

Elijah’s mother is happy that the woman could possibly face charges as an example to others of what not to do to kids.

“I would like for an example to be set that you can’t do this to kids. You can’t do this to people period.”

Just call this one the obvious: #ListeningToMusicWhileBlack