Police say gym teacher got a student pregnant twice and took her to get abortions

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A former Chicago gym teacher was charged with the sexual assault of a former student who said he touched her inappropriately.

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Last Thursday Jason Hardy, 42, appeared in court to face criminal sexual assault charges for allegedly victimizing a female Thornton Township High School student last year.

The student told police: “I was hurt, real hurt. Because I genuinely trusted him. I used to talk to him about problems. Everything.”

The student’s mother decided to post a question on social media asking for other alleged victims of Hardy’s to come forward.

A now 26-year-old woman did come forward and revealed that when she was 17, Hardy got her pregnant twice and took her to get abortions each time, the woman told WGN news. He was reportedly 33 at the time.

The woman said she never came forward because she feared that Hard would suffer repercussions and she didn’t want anyone finding out about the abortions, according to a bond proffer.

Prosecutors say “she does not want (Hardy) to do to anyone else what he did to (her).”

Hardy’s attorney Russell Brown denied the latest claim saying: “The investigation is still ongoing. We obviously just found out about the allegations this afternoon in court. However, based on my conversations with Mr. Hardy, they’re completely fabricated.”

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The school district released a statement saying that Hardy resigned from the school late last year.

“We are shocked and saddened by the investigation and arrest of one of our former teachers, Mr. Jason Hardy. 

“The Thornton Township High Schools District 205, Board of Education Members and administrations goal is to continue to move forward to ensure the safety of our students and to make sure that law enforcement has everything they need from us for their investigation.’”

They added: “We at Thornton Township High Schools District 205 take the health, safety, and personal welfare of our students and their families extremely seriously. 

“As this is an ongoing investigation involving a former Thornton High Schools District 205 student, we will not be able to comment further about the case or the parties involved.”