American clergyman gives Ugandans toxic bleach mix to cure AIDS, cancer and malaria

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A pastor in New Jersey has brewed his own brand of Holy Water that he is touting as a miracle cure for AIDS, cancer and malaria – except it’s a concoction of poisons.

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According to NJ Advance Media, Robert Baldwin, a clergyman in Burlington County is promoting a liquid mix that looks and smells much like industrial bleach. Baldwin reportedly is giving his toxic brew to thousands of people in Uganda.

Baldwin calls his lethal chemical combination “miracle mineral solution.” In it, Baldwin reportedly has combined chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and citric acid, which together acts as a stringent bleach common in the textile industry, The Guardian reports.

Baldwin, 52, has reportedly given Africans as young as 14 months old the deadly chemical mix. He also is training at least 1,000 other people of the cloth to distribute and administer the toxic concoction.

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“America and Europe have much stricter laws so you are not as free to treat people because it is so controlled by the FDA. That’s why I work in developing countries,” Baldwin said, according to the Guardian.

However, Baldwin admitted that he is now getting death threats that has derailed his business.

“I had to shut everything down,” Baldwin told NJ Advance Media. “I’m getting hate email. People are calling me Satan. All I wanted to do is help people using natural healing therapies.”