Angry Spirit Airlines passenger slaps employee in the face in viral video

Spirit Airlines
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


An irate passenger, upset that a Spirit airlines employee tried to block his entrance onto a plane, hauled off and hit him in the face.

And it was all captured on video.

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According to the clip taken by a fellow passenger boarding a flight to Denver, Colorado, over the weekend, the Spirit airline employee had words with a customer and warned him that he would not be boarding the flight.

“You’re not getting on the flight. You’re not getting on the flight”

The man responded, “Yes I am getting on the flight.”

That’s when the Spirit employee said, “Ok, we’ll see.”

As the customer inched toward getting his ticket validated to board the flight, that’s when the Spirit airline employees tried to stop the belligerent passenger from boarding and grabbed him. The customer then turned around and punched the employee smack dab in the face while yelling, “Get your hands off of me!”

At that point you could hear audible gasps from onlookers who were shocked at the confrontation.

Twitter user @Guappeso took to Twitter painting the employee as the aggressor:

“@SpiritAirlines your worker has no customer service and I’m sad I didn’t get the first part on camera where the worker told everyone in line WHAT YALL DONT LISTEN smh side had some nerve thinking he was going to talk to people any type of way smh.”

While the airline has yet to respond to the dustup between the employee and the passenger, this is not the first time it has dealt with angry passengers who take matters too far.

Earlier this year, a Florida man was sent to federal prison for two months after he threatened to blow up a Spirit Airlines flight and called a flight attendant a “n****r b***h” and a “slave.”

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