Regina Hall knows how to deliver the punchline of a good joke with precision.

But the Girls Trip star recalled a time when she wouldn’t do it when it came to tearing Whitney Houston down with a joke about her drug abuse.

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Hall who is starring in the Showtime comedy “Black Monday” shared a professional moment when she used her star power to stand up for the iconic singer with a panel of fellow actresses during a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, The NY Daily News reports.

“There was a joke. A joke I think about drugs and it was about Whitney Houston and I was like I don’t want to say that,” Hall admits.

“Artists give so much, you know what I mean” she added. “So to make fun of what was a challenge and an illness…The great thing about our writers is they were like, ‘Absolutely. We’ll just do something else.’ ”

Houston who suffered with drug addiction, died in a Los Angeles Beverly Hills Hotel Feb. 11, 2012 due to an accidental drowning in a bathtub, coupled with heart disease and cocaine in her system.

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Hall is also riding high from the success of her recently released movie Little where she also became a first time executive producer and will next be seen cracking jokes in the latest Shaft remake opposite Samuel L. Jackson.