Ex NBA star Scottie Pippen names 5-year-old in suit over destroyed mansion

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Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is calling foul on two people he claims are bad parents for allowing their 5-year-old kid to jack up his Florida mansion they rented from him.

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Pippen is not playing with Lindsay Glazer and her husband, Jacob Woloshin and filed a lawsuit against them and their crayon-wielding child. Pippen alleges that in 2018, the couple’s little girl defaced his rental property by marking up the walls of his six-bedroom, nine-bathroom mansion with crayons and markers to the tune of $110,000 in damages, Yahoo reports.

In the lawsuit, the former NBA baller called Glazer and Woloshin “failure as parents” for reportedly allowing their child to “deface certain elements of the property with markers, crayons, and/or cause damage of similar nature.”

Glazer, a lawyer who is now a comedian balked at the basketball legend’s lawsuit.

“All jokes aside, who would have ever thought that Dennis Rodman would be strengthening relations with North Korea, and Scottie ‘no tippin’ Pippen would be the crazy one suing little girls?” Glazer told the New Times Broward Palm Beach.

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“With all of the publicity this ridiculous case was getting, we thought it good to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the Fisher House Foundation, which assists military and veteran’s families,” the comedian told the outlet about a GoFundMe she set up to make fun of the situation called “replace [Pippen’s] missing knife set”. She also plans to donate the funds to charity.