U.S. President Donald Trump has a new director of African American outreach in Nicole Frazier, weirdly right before the 2020 election. color us surprised. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Stop the presses! There’s a new Black person in the White House and she’s actually been invited in. Earlier in the week, Nicole Frazier, who worked as Sen. Cory Gardner’s regional director, was hired as the new director of African American outreach, serving in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Frazier’s role will be to connect the Black community with the beleaguered  and often tumultuous Trump administration. The timing however is interesting as Trump is looking for support from the Black community right ahead of his 2020 re-election campaign run, Axios reports.

Good luck with that!

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If you remember, the last person to hold the position almost a year ago was Trump’s former Apprentice bestie-turned-foe, Omarosa Manigault Newman, who was unceremoniously fired (or resigned depending on who you ask) in December 2017.

The job has remained unfilled even after Henry Childs II temporarily assumed Manigault Newman’s role. Childs II has since been tapped to serve as National Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency in September. The search for a new director began in March.

“I’m glad President Trump was able to identify such a capable person in Nicole, to serve in OPL for this incredibly important position. … It’s a good thing to have another African American at the table in the White House as our advocate and I stand ready to help her succeed,” said Paris Dennard, former White House director of Black Outreach for President George W. Bush, to the Axios.

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Diamond and Silk to host FOX news show

Well there are at least two Black conservatives who will never stop supporting Trump – Diamond and Silk.

The dastardly stumpers plan to work double duty to help him get elected in 2020.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Trump campaign official said the Fox Nation hosts are “beloved and appreciated volunteers and supporters,” who will rallying his racist base through videos and rallies.

The two women, who became YouTube sensations for being vocal and adamant Black supporters for Trump, currently host a weekly show for the Fox News streaming service called Fox Nation.

Diamond Silk thegrio.com
Diamond and Silk in all their glory. (Facebook)

The women are also featured in a new Facebook video advertisement posted by the President’s re-election campaign.

“President Trump has the resolution and solutions to solve problems,” Lynnette Hardaway (“Diamond”) says in the clip. “We don’t need to take a nose dive. We all going to stick with President 45. So that we can win, win, win. Now 2020, here we come!”

Good luck to Nicole Frazier, who has yet to deliver any official statement.  We hope it’s worth it, girl.