Engaged man arrested for robbing men at gunpoint he met through dating app

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A Florida man reportedly used a dating site to steal money and bamboozle men he lured seeking love online.

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On July 11, Tavares Wilson was arrested by the Gainesville Police Department as a suspect for allegedly robbing men at gunpoint he met through a dating app, ABC reports.

Wilson, who reportedly is engaged to a woman, was trapping unsuspecting suitors by setting up dates and then when he met up with the men, he stole from them.

There are reportedly at least five cases filed against him from victims who said they met a man with Wilson’s description at an apartment complex and were robbed.

Wilson had reportedly copped to the crimes robbing the men he met online, police said.

Police also reportedly found drugs on Wilson when he was taken into custody.

Wilson has been charged with felony drug charges, including an intent to sell charge; three second degree felonies, a third degree felony and a first degree misdemeanor. One of his felony charges include the crime of soliciting with the intent to commit a crime.

On Facebook, Wilson posted a picture of his alleged lover writing, “Nobody will never take ur place in my heart,” he said while calling her his “soon to be wifey.”

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In another post he wrote about hating thieves, writing:

“I hate people who steal” and “It’s a dirty game watch who u dealing with.”

Police are continuing to search for more victims in the ongoing investigation.