R. Kelly’s current girlfriends pursuing careers in modeling and acting

Reps for Azriel Clary, and Joycelyn Savage say the women are ready to be big stars.

It looks like R. Kelly’s girlfriends are reportedly using their fame to follow in the singer’s footsteps and have chosen to pursue careers in the entertainment industry as models and actresses.

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As they make their way to New York City to support the man they share, it looks like the two women, who refer to themselves as R. Kelly’s girlfriends, are reportedly using their fame to follow in the singer’s footsteps and have chosen to pursue careers in the entertainment industry. 

Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23, the embattled singer’s “live-in girlfriends” have hired agents to help them find jobs in modeling, acting or a “business venture,” reports Fox News

The report revealed that the agents are marketing the two young women as “high-profile clientele” as they search for work in the industry.

According to TMZ, Clary and Savage are taking this step in an effort to be shown in a more “positive light” after both women’s parents have gone public that the 52-year-old singer brainwashed the women after first meeting them as teens. 

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Representatives for the talent agents reveal that Clary and Savage, “just want to get a positive name for themselves rather then [sic] the negative rumors their parents have accused them of.”

The parents of both women appeared on Lifetime’sSurviving R. Kelly” docuseries earlier this year to speak on how Kelly first met each girl, his hold on them, and their fight to bring both of their daughters back home.

R. Kelly continues to be cased with a mountain of legal issues including charges tied to his alleged sexual relationship with underage girls, including sexual exploitation of a child and kidnapping. He is currently in jail and has been indicted on 18 charges in both New York and Illinois.

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Despite his legal woes, the two women are standing in support of R. Kelly by attending court with him. They are expected to both appear at the singer’s court hearing on Friday in Brooklyn, TMZ reports. 

Clary and Savage recently sat down for an interview on CBS This Morning to speak with Gayle King stating, “We are just so thankful for everything that you guys are saying and doing and trying to do to help him.” Both women are currently in “protective mode,” according to Kelly’s attorneys.