TV show bailiff arrested and charged for allegedly murdering his wife

A bailiff who helped Cristina Perez on her “Justice for All” TV show is now facing criminal charges.

(Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

A bailiff who helped Cristina Perez on her “Justice for All” TV show is now facing criminal charges for the murder of his wife.

Renard Spivey, 63, is a real Texas deputy who also had a day-job as a part-time actor on the court TV show. Last Sunday, police received a call from Spivey who reported that he accidentally shot his wife, Patricia.

The two reportedly were embroiled in a struggle for Spivey’s gun when it fired. He called 911 to make the report around Patricia was later pronounced, InsideEdition reports.

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Patricia’s brother reported that his sister claimed Spivey had been cheating and he allegedly responded: “She’s going to make me rise up like the Incredible Hulk and it isn’t gonna be good.”

However, according to court documents, Spivey said the argument was over his alleged steroid use.

Spivey said the argument spilled into the master bedroom where a gun struggle commenced, and three shots were fired, two hit his wife and one hit Spivey.

“We was arguing and tussling with the gun, we had been arguing all day,” Spivey said, according to KHOU-TV.

Patricia’s family reportedly don’t believe Spivey’s account. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office where Spivey is a sheriff and joined the force in 1996, is also reviewing his employment status and will make a final decision after the trial.

Mike DeGeurin, Spivey’s attorney said he fought to save his wife’s life after the altercation led to the gun firing off.

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“One shot went through her arm, one in the chest, then for 20 or 30 minutes he’s on 911 trying to revive her,” DeGeurin said.

Spivey will return to court this week for arraignment. A judge also ruled on Friday that Spivey is banned from attending his wife’s funeral, The Houston Chronicle reports.