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This week an African American woman in Ohio found herself in a predicament after an irate man ran into her car and then began shouting “white power” at her during a subsequent confrontation.

According to WKYC, on Tuesday morning, Jolean Dailey was driving down the street when suddenly she was hit by another vehicle.

“I could feel it in my gut. Something wasn’t right,” Dailey told reporters. “It wasn’t like we had any words, any confrontation. He just bumped into me. This guy had so much rage just from something that he did.”

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After the other driver in the gray sedan passed Dailey while calling her a racial slur, she chose to follow him. Shortly thereafter, the man pulled over in a parking lot and switched seats with the passenger while Dailey recorded their heated interaction on her phone.

At one point in the clip a man wearing black pants and a black leather vest with no shirt underneath, can be seen walking toward Dailey then yelling “white power” before turning back to his vehicle.

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“White power?” Dailey asks incredulously. “Did you say ‘white power’ to me?”

“You want to make something of it?” he responds menacingly.

“What are you going to do?” Dailey can be heard saying before the video comes to an end. “Kill me?”

The Canton Repository is now reporting that police ultimately ended up arresting and charging the 26-year-old man from Butler, Penn., for ethnic intimidation and aggravated menacing. Authorities have also identified the woman in the car with him as his girlfriend.

She confessed to officers that her boyfriend had attempted to get a handgun from the glove box during the incident with Dailey. For her part in the interaction she was charged with obstructing official business.

“People were taught hate,” Dailey told WKYC. “If people love on each other, then we wouldn’t have this issue.”