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This week, an Illinois high school has come forward to publicly condemn two of its graduates who were caught making racist remarks in a video clip that has since gone viral.

According to Jacksonville, Ill., radio station WLDS, the video of two women who were said to be graduates of Auburn High School, was initially made on Snapchat and then later posted to Twitter.

“We hate n****rs,” the first young woman says in the footage.

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“They smell, they don’t work so we’re going to bring back slavery to whip them n****rs,” a second woman chimes in.

“Bring back the KKK!” she continues as the first woman tries to get her to lower her voice, explaining, “People like black people now.”

Many speculated that the twosome seemed drunk and/or high in the video, but that didn’t stop officials at Auburn High School from speaking up to condemn them for their behavior or racist language.

“The behavior of the two individuals in the video does not represent the views of our school or our community – what we teach or how we act in our school,” read a tweet on Sunday from their official Twitter account. “There are policies and procedures in place which will be followed for any students involved.”

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Lincoln Land Community College where one of the students had attended in the recent past, also issued a statement distancing themselves from her.

“Discrimination, harassment, and/or intimidation of students, employees and other individuals at any College facility or in connection with any College activity are taken seriously,” wrote Lincoln Land Community College President, Dr. Charlotte in a Facebook post Sunday afternoon. “If this situation involved a current student at LLCC, then it would be investigated and adjudicated per the policies and procedures of the College.”