Alex Robinson of the VH1 hit reality series Black Ink Crew is suing star Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks for more than $1 million for a fight that occurred on the show.

Court documents state Robinson is suing the two men for battery, claiming he was attacked by both in October of 2018, which was caught on camera during filming of the show, which follows the work and personal lives of a Black crew of tattoo artists who live in New York City.

Robinson stated in the documents he was physically attacked and hit with closed fists repeatedly resulting in permanent pain and disability.

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Coming to Blows

In the video of the fight, you can see Ceaser approach Alex and another cast member Donna during a dinner party. Alex was attacked from behind by Teddy resulting in a brawl that knocked over tables. Alex was left with a visible injury to his head as he was led away from the dinner’s venue.

According to TMZ, the fight occurred during a pre-wedding party for a coworker and resulted in severe tendon and ligament damage in Robinson’s back.

Later in the season Ceasar revealed he hired a private investigator to research the injuries, which were valid. As a result, Alex is no longer able to make a living from being a tattoo artist. The injuries are also affecting him personally as Ceasar was told Alex is no longer able to pick up his son. To both results, Ceasar has expressed remorse.

There has not been a statement to the lawsuit from either Ceasar or Teddy.

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Black Ink Crew is currently in Season 8 and airs on Wednesdays on VH1. The popularity of the series has sprouted two other editions, Black Ink Crew: Chicago and the recently launched Black Ink Crew: Compton.