The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association is at odds with Rep. Ayanna Pressley for promoting a fund to aid anti-straight pride protesters with their legal fees after a dustup during the event.

According to the Boston Herald, Pressley was sent a letter from the union which shared their disdain for her decision to her support those arrested while protesting the parade.

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“My members have informed me that the individuals who were arrested Saturday were not peaceful protesters but were committing crimes of assault against Boston Police Officers,” the letter reads. “In fact at least four officers were injured by the actions of some protesters. The officers were screamed at, abused and fought by these so-called peaceful protesters.

“Your actions in support of these individuals serves only to encourage criminal and disruptive behaviors such as those suffered by my members this weekend,” the upset correspondence continues. “This attitude also contributes to the growing we/they attitude against police officers in this country.”

“I don’t think they should have been arrested, and that’s why I’ve been promoting a bail fund to support them,” Pressley said of the over $24,000 from raised from 698 people for the legal costs of the 36 people arrested at the Straight Pride Parade. “They were protesting a racist, fascist, demonstration.”

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But while speaking to reporters outside the courthouse where anti-Straight Pride protesters were being arraigned on charges which includes assaults on officers, BPPA Vice President Larry Calderone explained, “We would hope that she would do things that are more supportive of the men and women in the police department.”

Calderone admitted that previously he’s had a “very good” relationship with Pressley, but opined, “We think the efforts of the congresswoman representing the people of Boston would be better served if she were backing legislation rather than advocating money for people that would rather come to Boston, like I said, to create havoc, cover their face, make things more difficult than they need to be.”

He also showed praise for court decisions to uphold charges against the demonstrators for even minor infractions like disorderly conduct, the Herald reported.