Lyfe Jennings is upset that his ‘Slave’ song is getting slammed across the internet and wants people to know he meant no disrespect.

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The R&B singer is specifically is calling out comedian Amanda Seales and The Breakfast Club’s  Charlamagne tha God for trashing his latest release, TMZ reports. Seales and Charlemagne said the song makes light of a horrific experience endured by enslaved people with its insensitive lyrics that references whipping and beatings, that goes like this:

“Got your ass hoppin’ like a frog / Got your legs shakin’ like two wet dogs / This ain’t the part we fall in love / This is the part we kiss and f**k.” Then he explicitly mentions slaves, saying … “I’m gon’ beat it like a slave / So you don’t run away / Got the whips and chains / Call me master.”

Seales wasn’t having it and posted a video listening to the lyrics and reacting with confusion like the rest of us. Charlamagne reposted with the caption:

“Some of y’all don’t have any friends. If you did you wouldn’t make mistakes like this record. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @amandaseales.”

Lyfe hit back at Seales and Charlamagne, basically saying they are using their platforms to bash him.

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Charlamagne doubled down on his criticism, saying: “I just thought the song was wack.”

“The lyrics were so trash! How can he say we don’t support him? We’ve interview Lyfe on The Breakfast Club. If Lyfe wanted to come up here now he could. But to be clear: Lyfe, I don’t care about you singing about sex. I didn’t think the song was negative. I just thought the song was wack. I thought it was so wack I had no idea it was you, because you, my guy, are better than that.”

Lyfe defended his lyrics saying that he was simply inspired by 50 Shades of Grey and BDSM.

Are y’all buying Lyfe’s 777 album or is this track trash?