Somewhere along the way, Young M.A missed when Lil Nas X came out and said she in fact was confused and didn’t know if he actually did.

Lil Nas X, the pride of rap, reflects on the culture’s response to his coming out

Ahead of her Sept. 26 release of her debut studio album, Herstory in the Making, the rapper spoke to Hollywood Unlocked and gave a shoulder shrug of sorts about the ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker’s defining moment to let the world know his truth.

“Honestly, to me, I ain’t really know if he came out because the way he went about it… like, ‘Is he gay?'” Young M.A said around the 16-minute mark. “I wasn’t clear. But, in a way, I think maybe he did it in a smart way where it left you clueless… But to me, I think he is.”

However, there is no confusion to be had because Lil Nas X has come out and opened up about being gay and even recently appeared  on The Shop: Uninterrupted and dropped knowledge about his decision to come out in the midst of his history making success.

Lil Nas explains he wasn’t “forced” to come out and made the decision to be forthcoming about his sexuality because “growing up [he had been taught] to hate that s**t.”

That whole conversation ended up going sideways though when Kevin Hart interjected and gave what some considered to be an insensitive response to Lil Nas’ admission.

“Hate what?” Hart interrupted again. “Hate what?”

“Homosexuality, gay people,” Lil Nas explained.

“Why?” asked Hart.

“Come on, now,” Lil Nas responded.

Young M.A hits back at Kodak Black after he released homophobic lyrics about her

Young M.A. should know what it feels like to have someone be dismissive, especially after Kodak Black released a new song called “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” and took unnecessary shots at Young M.A. by slewing the anti-lesbian slur “dyke” several times, earlier this year.

Young M.A hit back at Black’s insensitive gutter rap saying on Instagram Live, “Obviously, the n**ga is weird.” She added, “I know I’m a female…. But at the end of the day, n**ga, that’s not my preference.”