Black ‘Bachelor’ contestant says ABC network could use more diversity

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Mike Johnson, the Black contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ is a little salty that he wasn’t the one chosen to be the new heartthrob next season on the popular ABC show.

It seems that Johnson, 31, is making a good case given that he could have made history as the first Black man to win the contest, only if the network was willing to diversify its ranks.

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But ABC chose “Pete the Pilot,” born Pete Weber as the next Bachelor, which Johnson doesn’t quite agree with but conceded that the network “knows what they’re looking for.”

“After 24 Bachelors, a Black Bachelor should have been cast, Johnson told Entertainment Tonight.

“I think of diversity more than just black and white. And yes, Peter has a Cuban mom, but let’s just be honest — he’s white, right? And that’s just being completely transparent,” Johnson said. “I think that there should be an Asian lead, an Indian lead… diversity is not just black and white. It’s not just salt and pepper.”

He added: “But at the same time, ABC has been successful. They know what they’re doing for their audience. They know what they’re looking for. I wasn’t the guy they were looking for at the moment.”

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Johnson and Weber both competed for the Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s heart only for both of their hearts to be broken .

“I do know that Peter and I are two completely different people — both good people, kind-hearted people,” Johnson said.

Johnson, however feels like he was at least a standout.

“But I do feel that I’m a bit more outspoken than Peter. I’m a bit louder than Peter is. I have tattoos, and the obvious, I’m black, so we are very diverse and different in that regard as well.

“And we like different women. I want to make sure the focus is centered around love because that’s what this show is about. Peter and I also are attracted to two different types of women.”