Looks like 50 Cent is a huge fan of Grammy nominated singer, Lizzo, and took to social media on let her know. (Getty Images)

50 Cent has been known to be a ladies man, shooting his shot at all types of women, ranging in all kinds of flavors including actress Vivica Fox and talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Recently he took to Twitter to spotlight singer, Lizzo, calling her “Big Sexy,” giving evidence that he might want to know if “truth” really “hurts.”


The “Wanksta” emcee posted a short video of the eight-time Grammy-nominated singer on Twitter. In the video, you see Lizzo dressed in a red laced bodysuit twerking and grinding like a sex kitten on all fours. The sensual performance surely caught Fiddy’s eye as he noted in his caption on the social media platform.

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“Now that’s the love boat, I’m not saying you can’t Handel it, but you can’t Handel it,” said 50 Cent with a number of obvious misspellings in his message. The rapper then went on to refer to her as “big sexy.”

While the post was flirty and fun, it quickly turned left. 50’s followers noted that he misspelled “handle” with the actual German name, “Handel.” The jokes were plentiful until the rapper and entrepreneurs tried to make an excuse for his poor grammar, “F–k y’all my spell check not working.”

The questions remain is this a case of the rapper flirting with the rising star or is he the internet troll we all know him to be just trying to be funny? What do you think Grio fam?

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Would a 50 and Lizzo partnership, in and out of the studio, be something you’d like to see?