One of R. Kelly’s two girlfriends says they lied for him during Gayle King interview

RKelly and Azriel Clary
Azriel Clary, who is known as one of R. Kelly’s longtime girlfriends, has decided to move out of his Trump Tower condo in Chicago. (Photo provided by Getty Images) Sources close to Azriel Clary

In the wake of police being called to R. Kelly’s Chicago after his two live-in girlfriends got into a physical altercation caught on camera, one of them is coming forward with a stunning revelation about how truthful they have been concerning his case.

Wednesday afternoon, which happened to be Kelly’s 53rd birthday, Chicago PD arrived on the scene in response to a reported battery at Kelly’s Trump Tower condo. This took place shortly after Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage were seen coming to blows on Instagram Live.

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“The female victim and the 24-year-old offender were engaged in a physical altercation until separated by unknown individuals at the scene,” Chicago Police said, according to USA Today. “The offender fled and is not in police custody at this time.”

After the incident, Clary took to social media to tell her side.

“The skeletons is [sic] coming out. Period,” she explained. “You know what? Rob has been lying to all of y’all, and that’s the sad part about it…He been lying to all.”

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“He had people like me lying for him,” she continued, adding that she wanted Savage in jail as well.

She then dropped a bombshell about her appearance on CBS This Morning with Savage last March, where they both vehemently defended Kelly, now claiming, “That’s why we never watched the documentary. We got on Gayle King as stupid as can f**king be.”

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Wednesday evening TMZ confirmed that Savage had surrendered to Chicago PD and was booked for misdemeanor battery for the incident at the entertainer’s condo. She is set to face a judge Thursday and face the charge in court on Feb. 6.

Authorities say Clary claims she was punched in the face with a closed fist and had to go to the hospital to be treated for redness and swelling of her left eye. When asked for a comment, Savage’s parents shared they solely blame R. Kelly for this week’s incident between the two women even though he is currently behind bars.