High school football coach fired for allegedly telling players to ‘stop acting Black’

Student-athletes and their families also complained that Bradley read their grades out loud in front of their teammates in an effort to shame them and used profanity

Kendall Bradley
Kendall Bradley (Credit: University of Missouri)

A Florida high school teacher recently had his teaching license revoked after it was alleged that he made racist comments toward athletes, at one time even directing them to “stop acting Black.”

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kendall Bradley, who was formerly the head football coach at Atlantic High School, after an investigation revealed that he had made racist statements to players, used profanity and sexted a female student.

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Although Bradley has denied all the allegations, he has now permanently lost the ability to teach in the state of Florida.

“During my time at Atlantic, my only focus was to be a positive influence on the students, players, and community,” he said in a statement to The News-Journal. “At no point did I communicate or interact inappropriately with any student. Nor was I discriminatory or out of line in my communication with student athletes.”

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However, investigative reports from the Volusia County school district, the Port Orange Police Department and the Florida Department of Education tell another story of a man who has been plagued with increasingly disturbing allegations about lapses in judgment and impropriety while entrusted with minors as a substitute teacher.

Student-athletes and their families complained to school authorities that Bradley allegedly told them to “stop acting black,” read their grades out loud in front of their teammates in an effort to shame them, and routinely used profanity. It is noted that this hostile environment may be why the Atlantic High football team lost every game it played under his supervision.

The school district also confirmed that on Feb. 5, 2018, the 31-year-old educator was barred from student contact after a concerned father told officials that he discovered Bradley had been soliciting sex from two 15-year-old female students.