John Legend
PACIFIC PALISADES, CA - SEPTEMBER 20: John Legend attends Caruso's Palisades Village opening gala. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

John Legend hopes his fans and social media followers skip out on Easter service this resurrection holiday weekend. The singer-songwriter encourages all to stay home from church in order to avoid spreading and contracting COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

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Legend shared a Los Angeles Times article on Twitter detailing how one church choir practice resulted in dozens of members falling ill and at least two members dying from the virus. In the post, he said he wished that people not only stay home but also encourage the elders (who are most at risk) to shelter in also.

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“This story is for anyone even contemplating, considering, thinking, imagining, dreaming about going to church on Easter Sunday. And please send this to your older relatives who aren’t on Twitter,” Legend writes.

The “Ordinary People” singer did stop his messaging with his first tweet. He continued to hammer down on his stance, especially when informed on how many faith-based organizations have told members of their congregations that subscribing to social distancing guidelines indicates a lack of faith.

The singer had a simple response: “Don’t let these pastors kill your auntie or grandparent.”

He continues, “…say this as a pastor’s grandson and nephew. I know how hard it is for many churches to pay their mortgage and that most pastors aren’t anywhere near rich and rely on the weekly offering to make things work for themselves and their congregation. BUT. DO. NOT. GO. TO. CHURCH.”

The EGOT recipient is not only telling people to stay at home, he is also practicing social distancing himself.

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He and singer Kane Brown shot a music video from their respective homes for their collaboration “Last Time I Say Sorry.” Both artists used their own technology to shoot their parts of the video.

He and his wife Chrissy Teigan also share their in-house quarantine activities with their children through her social media