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Will Smith and Tyra Banks (Credit: Getty Images)

Tyra Banks and Will Smith got together on a joint IG Tuesday to reminisce about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and recreated a classic scene and fans loved it.

Banks was a guest on Smith’s Will from Home Snapchat series which he created as a means of entertaining fans through the quarantine.

There are few things certain in life, but the enduring fanbase for Fresh Prince is one of them. Whether you encountered the show as an adult, pre-teen, or tween, there’s something about the charisma of its star Smith combined with wholesome family comedy and the camaraderie of the cast that still has people in their nostalgic feelings, as Deontay Wilder would say “to this DAY!”

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Fresh Prince

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The NBC sitcom lasted for six seasons from 1990 to 1996 and helped make Smith, then a rapper with his partner DJ Jazzy Jeff, into a multimedia superstar.

Banks, then 19, appeared on the first two episodes on Season 4 as Smith’s Philly ex-girlfriend, Jackie. She told him that it was her very first acting job. At that point, she was an upcoming model but nowhere near the multimedia mogul she is today.

Smith and Banks recreated their pivotal scene from 30 years ago which Banks impressively still had down pat to the delight of the 2.5 million fans who watched and liked it.

“This next piece is one of my favorite moments, I loved that we did this!” said Smith. “Was that one of your first times ever acting?”

“Not one of, that was my first acting job ever,” she responded.

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Massachusetts-born rapper Joyner Lucas similarly paid homage to Smith in his recent video “Will” by recreating significant moments in his career, including his time as the Fresh Prince. He and Smith chatted about it on their joint IG session, which drew a thumbs up from Jazzy Jeff.


Given the show’s popularity, maybe the darker, updated version that Smith himself co-signed can finally get made. Here’s the trailer for it:

Are you down for a reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or would you prefer that the iconic TV show be left alone?

While you think about it, Will From Home is streamed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with 12 available episodes. It was launched on April 3.