Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton (Credit: Getty Images and Netflix)

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton joined Netflix’s Love Is Blind under the premise of contestants dating and becoming engaged without ever physically seeing each other but not only did it not work out between them, he found himself blocked.

The dating show also sparked online commentary as audiences watched the best and worst of love play out on screen. On the positive side of things, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were one of the first couples to get engaged and one of the few to still be romantically involved.

They are still married and have taken their talents to YouTube and other online platforms.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed attend “Love Is Blind” Atlanta screening & reception at City Winery on February 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Fans of Love Is Blind also met Diamond and Carlton who’s engagement did produce a wedding. However, it was not meant to end happily ever after.

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Diamond and Carlton had an explosive breakup during a trip to Mexico. After a dramatic argument about his bisexuality, Diamond stormed off, belting Beyoncé‘s “Dont Hurt Yourself,” while Carlton threw the engagement ring in the resort pool.  Their relationship was over but the saga continues.

During the Love Is Blind reunion, the pair seemingly hashed out their differences. Carlton apologized to Diamond and she explained the emotions behind her own actions. Since then, one would hope the air remains clear however, a new post from Carlton indicates smoke.

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack meet for the first time on “Love is Blind.” (Photo: Netflix)

Carlton uploaded a video featuring Diamond sharing in the caption how since the reunion, Diamond blocked him from contacting her and requests help from his followers in reaching his ex-fiancée.

“Can y’all help me get through to her? I’m over here in quarantine reminiscing about the pods. I’m gonna do something special for whomever helps me at LEAST get unblocked. I miss you, beautiful. I’m sorry for being defensive and acting like a damn fool. I’m waiting on you to unblock me like I’m waiting on this stimulus check, baby,” writes Carlton on Instagram.

Carlton’s initial post was followed by selfie of the pair on the set of the Love Is Blind reunion, where he labeled Diamond his “Woman Crush Wednesday.”

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Although Carlton’s actions may seem earnest, there may be another side to their love story. According to Diamond, she blocked him for simple reasons. During an interview with TMZ,  Diamond explains Carlton allegedly began to badmouth her online, even threatening legal action.

“The reason why I blocked Carlton was the fact that after the reunion, Carlton was being very foul-mouthed against me on all of his social media pages, and I felt that was, like wow that really shocked me. I thought we were on good terms,” remarks Diamond.

She continues, “after that apology I never heard anything from him.”