Trina and Khia trade insults over rap battle: ‘Make sure you’re on my level’

The Miami music star unleashes on the 'My Neck, My Back' rapper during her morning radio show

Rappers Khia, left, and Trina, right. (Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

The music battle craze has taken ‘competitive’ to another level as tension rises between rival rappers Trina and Khia.

A video clip of Khia responding to the question of whether she’d participate in a Verzuz battle recently resurfaced in which the “My Neck, My Back” rapper directly challenged Trina, hit for hit.

“Who wanna try me like that?” Khia said. “I got 285 hits to put on your ass.”

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Though the clip was actually filmed in April, it recently started making its rounds on the internet. In a video posted on YouTube, Khia went on to take more personal digs at Trina while discussing the Miami rapper’s beef with her fellow “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” star Nikki Natural.

“Why she messing with that little young ass girl and she’s 49 years old,” Khia said. “I don’t know why she on TV still acting like she’s the baddest bitch the way she looking.”

“That girl is more woman than you, bitch!” Khia added, going on to assert that Trina is “cursed” for not having children of her own.

Apparently Trina caught wind of the public insults and responded to Khia and the blogs with a message of her own on Wednesday during her radio program, Trick N Trina Morning Show.

“Everybody knows me, I’m a queen. This is called royalty over here,” Trina said. “I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me and nobody that’s not worked as hard as I’ve worked for anything. So when you girls or whatever you want to be are calling my name talking ’bout you want to battle, make sure you have 10 hits.

“Make sure you have enough records. Make sure you’re on my level if you think you can go toe-to-toe with me because you can not,” she added.

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According to Complex, the beef between Trina and Khia is two decades in the making. After Trina released her 2000 hit song “Da Baddest Bitch,” Khia claimed that she wrote on the song and had not received credit for it. The two rappers went on to take jabs at each other in diss records over the years.

Trina’s response on Wednesday sparked plenty of chatter on social media and even led to her becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

“Some of y’all really tryna say Khia got more hits than Trina and I’m literally in disbelief in the level of DUMB,” tweeted user @rickyvasquezzzz. “Trina will wash that lady. Idk why y’all dont give Trina her things, that lady an icon. Literally created BADD BITCH rap.”

Twitter user @SoMilli_ wrote, “Trina battling Khia would actually help Trina if we being honest.”

“Trina is cool and alll but riddle me this.. who got a song with Janet Jackson? Who?!” tweeted @SAMiiAM, referring to Khia’s feature on Janet Jackson‘s 2006 song “So Excited.”

“Trina falls for Khia trap every time Lmaoo,” tweeted Twitter user

@waysofdez. “Khia say sh*t just to get underneath her skin and then Trina forehead gets all them dents and she’s pissed.”