NYPD tase Brooklyn BLM protester in viral video

Police and demonstrators collide during a Black Lives Matter protest

(Photo: Adobe Photo Stock)

A member of the New York Police Department tased a Black Lives Matter protester during a rally in Brooklyn where the two groups became contentious.

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According to the NY Daily News a clash between BLM and pro-police demonstrators lead to the tasing. The NYPD claims the protester threw a police helmet at an officer beforehand.

(Video screenshot)

The video clip just shows the taser incident. During the graphic video, the man is seen in a verbal back-and-forth with one policeman when another rushes from the side and pulls out the taser.

The unidentified man pulls out his smartphone, capturing his own video evidence as the cop draws his electric weapon and onlookers gather closer to the scene.

“Y’all see this?” the man repeats as he is tased to the ground.

When the man stands up, pleading to officers “Get off of me,” more uniformed men move to wrestle him into handcuffs. The video ends with him being walked away as fellow protestors demand badge numbers.

The NY Daily News reports City Councilman Justin Brannan, whose district includes Bay Ridge, shared via social media that he would address the incident with neighborhood law enforcement.

“The blame falls squarely at the feet of the elected officials & leaders who refused to take responsibility for the vitriol and hatred displayed at yesterday’s protest,” Brannan writes on Twitter, announcing the meeting.

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He also shared on Twitter plans to launch a full investigation, reaching out to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD. NY Daily News says two arrests were made, however, neither has been confirmed as the man at the center of the video.

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