Lil Wayne reveals ‘great’ meeting with Trump, praises his Platinum Plan

The hip-hop star shares photo with the president and applauds his record on criminal justice reform.

Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to signal support for President Donald Trump, revealing that he met with the Republican presidential incumbent just days before the 2020 general election on Nov. 3.

In a tweet on Thursday night, the New Orleans hip-hop star shared a photo of he and Trump standing side by side as they smile with their thumbs up.

“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus,” wrote Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter Jr. He continued, “…besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership.”

“He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

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Trump’s Platinum Plan, his campaign’s offering of policy plans for Black Americans if he is reelected, made headlines in recent weeks after the campaign revealed another fellow hip-hop giant, Ice Cube, had played a role in its execution.

Many were incensed over Ice Cube’s involvement, so much so that the rapper turned Hollywood actor and producer was compelled to publicly denounce Trump, tweeting “I will never support a motha***** like Donald Trump EVER!!!”

Still, Cube — who penned a “Contract for Black America” back in August — defended his working with the Trump campaign as a nonpartisan effort to get things done for Black America, claiming both Democrats and Republicans contacted him and he made the decision to speak with the Trump administration, which he said ultimately altered the plan.

Ice Cube
Ice Cube speaks onstage. (Credit: Getty Images)

Ice Cube also claimed that Democrats told him to wait until after the election to make demands on behalf of the Black community. Biden surrogate Rep. Cedric Richmond, however, denied that ever happened. Richmond added that Biden’s plan for Black Americans was more comprehensive.

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“It’s not as comprehensive as our plan. And so that’s what we told him, and the offer to stay engaged was not, ‘we’ll talk to you after the election.’ It went like this: ‘Here’s my cell number, anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think, you know, we need to talk about further, just pick up the phone and call,” Richmond said.

Lil Wayne makes at least the third hip-hop star to curry favor with Trump — Kanye West also infamously showed his support for the president, going as far as to don Trump’s red MAGA hat.

50 Cent also told his followers to vote for Trump in a tweet complaining about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s tax plan.

50 Cent later backtracked his statements saying “F**k Donald Trump,” and according to ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, the Queens rapper wasn’t serious about his previous support for the president.

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(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for EA Sports Bowl at Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest )

Lil Wayne’s support for Trump is likely to cause outrage, as most Black Americans are solidly against Trump, who has a long history of racism. This wouldn’t be the first time, however, that Wayne has ruffled feathers for his political comments.

In 2016, he said he didn’t “feel connected” to the Black Lives Matter movement and went as far as to say that there’s “no such thing as racism.” The rapper used an example of a white cop saving his life at 12 as proof of his claim.

“I don’t know what racism is,” he said.

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