Watch real-life couple Simone and Dorian Missick star in ‘A Cold Hard Truth’

EXCLUSIVE: The thriller is heading to VOD platforms in January

theGrio has the exclusive first look of A Cold Hard Truth, the thriller that stars real-life spouses, Simone Missick and Dorian Missick. 

This week, fans of the actors are likely rejoicing at the return of both of their TV shows, All Rise on CBS and For Life on ABC, but now they’ll get to see the husband and wife duo co-starring in this impressive flick. 

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Here’s the official synopsis: 

After his cousin, Lanie Cooper (Simone Missick, “All Rise”), commits suicide, journalist Stewart Cooper (Dorian Missick, “Luke Cage”) begins to unravel a web of shaming, lies, and secrets. Following the leads, he discovers the involvement of the police, his cousin’s ex, and the man she had an affair with – her church pastor, Kenneth Little (Michael Beach, Aquaman). Driven by his own emotional turmoil, he turns the tables on them all to avenge his cousin’s demise.

A Cold Hard Truth

A Cold Hard Truth premieres on VOD on Jan. 19. 

Check out the trailer: 

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This isn’t the first time we get to see the couple, who have been married for eight years, sharing the screen. 

When All Rise became the first TV show to debut an episode that was shot entirely remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, Dorian stepped in to help his wife pull off the seemingly impossible task. 

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“My husband is an actor and in this episode, he’s playing a version of himself. He’s playing a DJ which he also does in real life. He’s a phenomenal DJ and he has been doing IG Live sets raising money for essential workers and keeping people motivated. We get to see him as DJ Tailwind, the omnipresent narrator through the episode. For him to be able to do it on the show was really great,” she told theGrio at the time. 

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