Detroit requests disbarment of ‘Kraken’ team over election lawsuits

 Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are faced with the possibility of being disbarred over their attempts to change the 2020 presidential election.

Detroit officials have moved for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and the entire legal team who worked to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election to be disbarred for their actions.

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According to Law And Crime, the city has requested that a federal judge order any sanction possible against the ‘Kraken’ team. The group was named after the fictional Clash of the Titans octopus-like monster who had super strength.

Detroit’s counsel David Fink informed the outlet of the factors that went into the decision.

We have been horrified by the inappropriate actions of these attorneys and the plaintiffs themselves, and we have intended to seek any sanction the court can order,” Frink remarked. According to the legal outlet, he added that a judge would have “inherent power” to refer disbarment or suspension proceedings to the chief judge.

Rudy Giuliani And Trump Legal Advisor Hold Press Conference At RNC HQ
Rudy Giuliani points to a map as he speaks to the press about various lawsuits related to the 2020 election, inside the Republican National Committee headquarters on November 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. Also pictured, at center, is attorney Sidney Powell. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In November 2020, Powell filed lawsuits in both Michigan and Georgia claiming election fraud. The Hill reports that the former legal aid to President Donald Trump alleged problems linked to voting machines, mail-in ballots, and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Both cases filed had typographical and formatting errors.

According to theGrio, the Trump team ended their relationship with Powell shortly after she filed the lawsuit. The report detailed the decision was based on her support of conspiracy theories and stating, without evidence, that Republican officials were paid off to manipulate voting machines in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump’s key lawyer Rudy Giuliani shared a statement, saying, “[Powell] is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity,” according to the report.

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Now, the consequences for the amplification of conspiracy theories and false claims may be professional punishment. Law and Crime reported that Detroit officials sent their motion to Powell and Wood’s team on Dec. 15. The motion will go before U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, who also dismissed the lawsuit initiated by Powell and Woods which claimed alleged voter fraud.

“While the First Amendment may protect the right of political fanatics to spew their lies and unhinged conspiracy theories, it does not grant anyone a license to abuse our courts for purposes which are antithetical to our democracy and to our judicial system,” Fink wrote in a brief, according to Law and Crime. “Plaintiffs and their counsel cannot be allowed to use the court system to undermine the constitutional and statutory process by which we select our leaders.”

Wood took to social media to address the legal action made against him.

“Talk about unfair!” he tweeted. “I made a few trips there for some fun (for me) depositions. Stayed at MGM Grand & contributed to city tax revenues & salaries for Detroit workers. And this is the thanks I get???”

As theGrio reported, voters in Detroit have already pushed back at efforts made by Trump and his legal team. The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization filed a lawsuit against the president in collaboration with three other Detroit voters, accusing him of attempting to disenfranchise Black voters. 

According to Law and Crime, Powell would be referred to the Michigan Bar and to the Texas bar, Wood to the Michigan and Georgia bar. Julia Haller, a former Trump official in Housing and Urban Development, would be referred to the Michigan Bar and the Washington D.C. bar, and Trump lawyer Howard Kleinhendler would be referred to the Michigan Bar and to the New York bar. Team member Greg Rohl was the only team member the Detroit officials found was admitted to practice in the Eastern District of Michigan. Rohl had already been sanctioned and fined for filing a previous case deemed “frivolous from inception.”

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